Thursday, September 17, 2009

Longbeards done!!!!

Finished the 24th Longbeard for the unit! The thane that goes with them is still bare metal so he looks a little out of place but they are done! In the long term I'm looking at doing a magnetic movement tray for them but for now I am just happy to be done. Next up on the painting table: Ironbreakers! Then when they're done I think a couple of characters or a war machine!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Space Hulk and some rough 40k

Last night went out to the club and got a few games in. Played Mission 3 of Space Hulk as the terminators. It's such an awesome game, I don't know why they're making it limited edition, I think it would be a really great tool to get people into the hobby. Rambling... Anyhow, I won the game as the Space Marines. I don't remember all the gory details, but I do remember Brother Goriel holding a hallway against about 12 genestealers all by himself to put the final nail in the coffin. Very impressive. After that I got in a game with a rough mechanized SW list against the tyranids. My army wasn't exactly optimized for killing bugs and it showed. By turn 2 I had genestealers running rampant in my backfield and only one squad of GH and a Landspeeder left. I made a dumb mistake and forgot all about one of my GH squads and left them off the board b/c I think I forgot to take their Rhino out of my tank box. I don't know how much help 8 more GH would have been but you never know. I think if they had had a drop pod I could have held them reserve until the end of the game and at least contested my opponent's command post thingy. I think the next time I play them I'm going to put a ring of tanks around lots of GH and then a few packs of Blood Claws to mop up whatever gets through. Hopefully destroying the tanks will pile up the 'nids and make them vulnerable to flamers and the like. Ohwell, every game is a learning experience, especially the losses. I think a learned some new tricks for the next time we show down. The club's starting a Planetary Empires campaign that I'll be playing the wolves in. Should be interesting to see how that goes.