Monday, June 28, 2010

Potential 8th Edition Army List

This list is based on the force composition rumors I've read about 8th edition. I was only able to briefly flip through the rulebook at my local store so I did not get to read too much about the new rules (not to mention the redshirt kept on pestering me with questions). I did however notice rules for a dwarf zeppelin that mounts 5 (!!!!!!) organ guns on board. I'm keeping my fingers crossed a model gets made by Forgeworld.

I put together a 2500 pt list (that seemed to be the number that the shop said would be most common). This list is more or less based on models that I currently have.
Dwarf Lord -> Goes with the Hammerers
Shieldbearers and Shield
Master Rune of Smiting
Rune of Fury
Rune of Cleaving
Rune of Stone
Thane -> I'm thinking with the Ironbreakers, but maybe the Longbeards?
Great Weapon and Shield
Strollaz's Rune

Master Engineer -> will go with Grudge Thrower
Great Weapon
Brace of Pistols
Rune of Stone
24 Warriors
Full Command
Shields and Great Weapons

24 Longbeards
Full Command
Shields and Great Weapons
Rune of Stoicism

10 Thunderers
Shields and Great Weapons
19 Ironbreakers
Full Command
Rune of Battle

17 Hammerers
Full Command

Rune of Reloading
Rune of Forging

Grudge Thrower
Rune of Accuracy
2x Rune of Penetration
Organ Gun
Gyrocopter (but I hate the model so much I'm even considering the Flame Cannon)

Any thoughts on the list? I'd like to hear how you would deploy the blocks. What units could do with more (or less) as far as models/upgrades go?

Thanks for reading and posting!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Bodyguard of the King

When not working this month I've done a TON of painting! With a couple of hours work tonight I will have the last of 17 Hammerers finished up. I'll try to get some pictures of the unit on my next day off work. Don't know what I'll be painting next but I'm thinking about either the Gyrocopter or the King and his shieldbearers to make the Hammerers look complete. I'd love to buy some more of the classic metal Longbeards but alas there's no money until I get some of my mountain of unused models sold on EBAY.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Photos of finished Longbeards

As promised I was able to take some pictures of the completed Longbeards this morning. I know my painting is still a work in progress, but from about 3-4 feet away I'm pretty happy with these guys at a tabletop standard.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Progress on Longbeards

During a rare day off work today I was able to dedicate about 4 hours to painting! In this time I was able to finish off the last two of the classic metal Longbeards I bought months ago. I still need to buy and paint another 15 to finish off the unit but unless I hit the lottery that will have to wait... I do like the feeling of finishing out a part of a unit and being able to display it. I'll try to take some pictures tomorrow when the sun is out.

In addition to working on the dwarves I am also currently doing a long-overdue inventory of models that I have and will never get around to painting, let alone playing with. I'm hoping to clear out a lot of the clutter in my hobby area and possibly generate some cash for some more stunties!