Saturday, February 27, 2010

Longbeards on the way

Ordered myself two boxes of the beautiful old metal longbeards the other day, I should have them in time for spring break. I have 25 painted up as my longbeards right now, but when I have the new metal ones painted I will phase them out and use them as warriors. When I get the 10 that are on the way finished up I will order the last 15. As of right now I have a full unit of 20 Ironbreakers, 25 Warriors and 1 Thane completed. Next up will be the new metal Longbeards and then the organ gun I think. I am also trying to figure out a decent conversion for the gyrocopter because I don't care for the Games Workshop version.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Thane BSB

With a snow day in effect in State College (self imposed of course) I knocked out my thane BSB in one day's worth of painting. Though the model doesn't actually have a banner ( I loved the sculpt too much to mess with it) it will be the BSB for the army. Will put up pictures when the sun comes out tomorrow. Tried some new techniques with this model that I am really happy with. It's really cool to look at the models I have finished just in the past 6 months and see how my skills have improved and where I still need more work!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Sorscha WIP and completed and Juggernaught WIP

First off are a few bad shots of Sorscha in progress, please pardon my awesome photo taking abilities

And now a handful of her completed, I hope some of the details come out.

Finally a couple of the warjack, after these were taken I decided I wasn't crazy about the way it was looking so I slapped a wash on there and am waiting for it to dry before I go back over it again.

A Warmachine Interlude

So in addition to having a Warhammer addiction I am also dipping my toes into Warmachine. I've had the Khador and Cryx faction boxes sitting around for a few years so I pulled out the Khador one today and decided to paint it up. So far I'm working on Sorscha and the Destroyer 'jack (I think it's the destroyer at least). Super excited about Sorscha, I think this is some of the best painting I've ever done. I'm going to go take some pics now and post them up ASAP. Woohoo!