Saturday, August 29, 2009

More Dwarves

Painted 3 more Longbeards today (with the exception of their washes). I also decided to change up their paint scheme a little bit. I had the shields in Dark Angels Green with DA green accents on their armor and then a few different colors of green for the tunics that they're wearing under their armor. I changed it to be DA green trim on the armor and Orchide shade foundation paint on their tunics and shields, which will also include mechrite red in some form or another. This particular unit has the red and green quartered but different units will have different patterns. I was initially worried that the red would be too bright as I'm going for a darker, earthier color pallete but I really like the way it came out, it makes the shield pop a little bit more which helps break up some of the monotony of the model as a whole.

Friday, August 28, 2009

The joys of rank and file

Got 5 Longbeards about 90% finished today. I don't have my washes with me so when I get them I'll be able to finish out the 5. That brings the unit up to 15 painted out of 25. This will be the first unit in the army that's fully painted, and shamefully, my first fully painted unit since I started playing. Gaming next weekend at Hell's Crucible if I don't have to work. I have a core army list that I am trying to get the right balance as far as runes go so I will keep tweaking that. I'm still learning the tactics and some of the trickier rules but I feel that every game I play I learn more and more and have more success the next time I play.

Saw some more Space Wolf rumors yesterday, as much as I am trying to avoid them I couldn't resist. I want to have a "pure" experience with them when I first get my hands on the codex so I'm trying not to spoil that by reading rumors.

I have 1 squad of "veteran" grey hunters (Sternguard models wolfed up) and a rune priest painted in the scheme I will be using for my whole army. I also have about 2 full squads of Grey Hunters painted in an old, terrible color scheme that I am trying to decide if I should strip the paint and salvage them or just wait until the new models come out and have a complete force of the new ones. Maybe a mix of the two? We shall see.

Will try to get some photos of the longbeards in all their glory once I can put some washes on the 10 in the unit that do not have them.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Well, I've been in the hobby for about 9 years now but have just settled down with 2 armies: Dwarves in fantasy and Space wolves in 40k. Hence the title, both love beards and beer. I plan on updating this with my forays into learning how to play both systems and my trials on both the battlefield and the painting table.